Friday, October 25, 2013

Part 3: "Don't Forget" Advice for the Bride and Groom

Good morning and happy Friday! Today I am posting the last part of the "Advice for the Bride and Groom" mini-series. The whole premise has been that Drew and I provided a mad-lib-like questionnaire at our wedding reception. One section read:

My advice for a happy marriage is to always ____________, never ____________, and don't forget ____________.

On Wednesday I shared the "always" advice and yesterday you got to read the "never" advice. Today I am going to wrap it up with the "don't forget" advice. I think this section is my favorite. Some guests were silly with their responses and others gave advice that touch my heart and soul. These really are things I don't want to forget. Married couples can fall so easily into a routine that they forget about the little things, and sometimes the big things, that make a relationship special. This is the lengthiest section, so take your time and enjoy it!

My advice for a happy marriage is DON’T FORGET . . . 

  • you’re on the same team and your differences are opportunities to build your marriage and make it stronger, not an excuse to tear it apart <= I think our society's divorce rate is so high because many people have forgotten this.
  • to celebrate all your milestones
  • lunch dates are romantic, too
  • to keep God first <=Most definitely!
  • to tip your waitress <=This came from the same friend who told us to never eat MSG Chinese.
  • to trust and have faith in one another
  • to floss (x2) <=Morning breath is less severe when you floss before bed. Just saying.
  • to dance <=We like to sing, too :)
  • life comes in waves, take each with understanding and love
  • how much I love you <=We love you, too!
  • to keep Angie supplied with chocolate!
  • how much you are loved by friends and family!
  • to always say “I love you” (x4)
  • to always cheer for the GATORS!
  • laugh, love, and dance!
  • love is patient, love is kind <=I love this bit of advice! I feel like this needs to be daily mantra.
  • to properly cite your quotations <= If only I could have made my students understand this!
  • to do the dishes
  • to have fun and enjoy yourselves and everything and everyone that surrounds you
  • to bring a towel <=everywhere? all the time?
  • cheer for UF over everyone else <=Go Gators!
  • what today feels like
  • to cheer for UF over AU and A&M <=Go Gators!
  • to flush
  • to visit your cousins in Philly (free rooms…)
  • some things really are meant to be private . . . bathroom = ALWAYS!
  • you two are meant for each other (x2)
  • to say “good morning, I love you” each day
  • to always appreciate each other
  • to kiss and forgive
  • how much you love your spouse
  • love is not a high or low feeling – it is what you do
  • God united you, loves both of you, and loves you together!
    <=Such a sweet reminder
  • birthdays (x2)
  • to be thoughtful, kind, considerate, and prayerful
  • children absorb every single thing you do and everything you say, so make it all what you want them to be
  • to take it one day at a time
  • to turn on the baby making factory! <=This one cracks me up!
  • know you could have done A LOT worse!
  • to never let the sun set on an argument (making up is half the fun!)
  • to pray!
  • the love that brought you together
  • to keep learning
  • to “show” I love you instead of just saying it
  • to brush your teeth
  • she is always right
  • crying is blackmail <= I was slightly offended by this one until I remembered that the words, "remember that time you made me cry?" have actually come out of my mouth before.
  • Sunday = Church, then sports
  • ask for what you want
  • yes and no are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question
  • if something can be interpreted two ways and one of those ways makes you sad or angry, pay attention to the other one <=Great advice from a seasoned married man. We need to take the positive approach when communicating with our spouses.
  • to visit me all the time
  • call me often!
  • to give each other a kiss hello, goodbye, and goodnight
  • God set you both up for a reason
  • cherish every “I love you”
  • to pray together everyday (x2)
  • take in every moment
  • cherish each other
  • we are always there for you <=We are blessed with amazing family and friends.
  • kiss each other a lot, especially when you’re stressed
  • to say “I’m sorry”

What did our guests forget to remind us to not forget?

To summarize the three posts in this short series: Our friends really want Drew and I to love each other, kiss a lot, take care of our oral hygiene, dance, and profess undying loyalty to the Florida Gators. How special that we have these thoughts from the most important people in our lives to cherish throughout our married life, to help us remember our wedding day, and to share with our future children and grandchildren. I can't think of a better gift we could have received!

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