Tuesday, September 24, 2013

20 Things I Love About Fall

I hope I don't end up thinking of more things, because then I'll have to change the title of this post. In honor of my favorite season of the year, here are 20 things I love about fall!

  1. The other name for fall, autumn, is pretty neat.
  2. It begins in September, a couple of weeks after my birthday.
  3. Bye-bye, humidity.
  4. That “fall” aroma in the air that is so refreshing after a hot summer.
  5. My candles from Bath & Body Works that imitate that fall aroma.
  6. Being super jealous of your neighbor because their BBQ smells so good.
  7. Being super jealous of your neighbor because you know their fireplace has got it going on.
  10. The World Series
  11. All of my favorite tv shows begin new seasons.
  12. Trees changing the colors of their leaves.
  13. Walking on previously mentioned leaves when they are fallen and crunchy.
  14. Lots and lots of scarves.
  15. Cardigans in every color.
  16. Peacoats. Can’t get enough of ‘em.
  17. Hot soup on a cool evening.
  18. Being able to open the windows!
  19. THANKSGIVING and the whole month that follows leading up to Christmas.
  20. Making crafty things like this:

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